Paul de Pignol

Born in Toulouse in 1965, he graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris in the painting studio of Pierre Carron. He lives and works in Paris.
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Artist Profile

Paul de Pignol

Born in Toulouse, France

He made his 1st sculpture “Girl with the balloon” in 1989, inspired by Lucas Cranach’s Venus. Little by little, sculpture imposed itself in his work. Drawing took on particular importance from 2010, when he decided to dedicate a specific workshop to it in Paris. His studio in Montigny-sur-Loing became his workspace dedicated to his sculpture. From then on, a kinship is established as an obvious between these two disciplines.




2019 “NE DU LIMON” sculptures / paintings / drawings. LOO & LOU GALLERY, PARIS.
2017 “INCARNATIONS” sculptures / drawings. loo & lou Gallery, Paris.
2016 “INCARNATIONS” Sculptures / drawings . Fred Lanzenberg Gallery, Brussels.
2012 “THE ISLANDS OF THE BODY AND SPACE” sculptures / drawings. Koralewski Gallery, Paris.
2009 “I AM IN THE DARK AND I HEAR MY POWER … “, sculptures / drawings.
Koralewski Gallery, Paris .
2008 “VENUS” Castle museum of Nemours on the occasion, heritage days.
2007 ART-PARIS. Sculpture trail –
Koralewski Gallery, Paris
2006 koralewski gallery – drawings / sculptures, Paris
2006 Carre Vauban – Drawings / Sculptures – Longwy

2003 Galerie Lillebonne – Nancy
2002 Koralewski Gallery – Paris
2000 Fred Lanzenberg Gallery, sculptures – Brussels


2022 Participates in PAD Paris with the Pierre Arts & Design gallery.
2020 ART PARIS, LOO & Lou gallery with Héléne Damville, Cédric le Corf and Pierre Edouard
2019 Participates in the contemporary art fair JUST MAD in Madrid with Flo Arnold and Christophe Miralles for the Loo and Lou Gallery, Paris.
BLACK and WHITE, Pierre Aleschinsky, Delphine de Luppé, Olivier Marty, Jean-Pierre Shneider … Gallery LE DOMAINE PERDU, Meyral.
2018 ANTHROPOCENE, exhibition proposed by Guido Romero Pierini and Clara Pagnussatt.
With Miguel Barcelo, Leonardo Cremonini, Helene Damville, Emmanuel Gatti, Markus Lupertz, Bram Van Velde, Samuel Yal … Joseoh Gallery, Paris.
2014 LOIRE ET GEANTS, Jéremie Lenoir, photos ; Marlgozata Paszko, paintings; Françoise Pace, Lavis; Lionel Tonda, sculptures. Paul de Pignol, sculptures. Loire Valley gallery. Saumur.
2014 GENESE, from the dawn of the world to the dawn of humanity.
Exhibition proposed by Jean Daniel Mohier with , Zao Wou Ki, Roger Edgar Gillet, Olivier Debré, Piet Mondrian, Philipe Cogné … Taylor Foundation, Paris.
2013 ART ELYSEE, with Stépahane Dumas, Richard Laillier, Piort Szurek. Galerie KORALEWSKI, Paris.
2013 ART O’CLOCK, with Marc Ronet, jean Yves Auregan, Anne Manoli, Christine Bouvier. Galerie Mézière, Auvers sur Oise.
2013 MENERBES MONUMENTALE, with Arthus Bertrand, Cassel, Delfieu, Leyris, Schad, Viard, Weill … GALERIE LINZ, Paris.
2013 SUMMER MEETINGS, with Alquin, Cassel, Cerredo, Laillier, Decaux … Galerie Koralewski , Paris.
2013 ART Fair Brussels with Richard Lallier, Marlgorzata Paszko, Axel Cassel. Koralewski Gallery, Paris.
2013 “les coups de coeur de la galerie”, with Anne Slacik, Marc Ronet, Christine Bouvier, Eugène Leroy, Eugène Dodeigne. Isabelle Mézières Gallery, Auvers sur Oise
2013 Carte Blanche to Christian Noorbergen, with Lydie Arickx, Marcel Katuchevsky, RichardLaillier, Jean Rustin, Sam Szafran … Galerie SCHWAB Beaubourg, Paris.
2O12 TO GREET THE FUTURE, with Nicolas Alquin, Axel Cassel, Roger Decaux, Stephane Dumas, Richard Laillier, Gabriella Morawetz, Malgorzata Paszko, Maïlys Seydoux, Piort Surek, Fabian Cerredo.
2012 ART ELYSEE, with Fabian Cerredo, Malgorzata Paszko. Koralewski Gallery, Paris.

2012 Summer meetings, with Alquin, Cassel, Ceredo, Stephane Dumas, Laillier, Maïlys Seydoux, Piotr Szurek, Paszko.
Galerie KORALEWSKI, Paris.
2012 Salon de l’estampe et du dessin, with Alquin, Ceredo, Laillier, Szurek, Decaux. Grand palais, Paris. Koralewski Gallery.
2011 FINE PRINT and DRAWING FAIR, New York. International Drawing Fair. GALLERIA DEL LEONE.
2011 MYTHS AND SYMBOLS Galerie Tadeusz Koralewski, Paris.
2011 Sculpt’ in Sologne. Biennial of monumental sculptures. Château de la Motte – Chaumont sur Tharonne
2011 Maison des Arts de Châtillon with Albert Feraud, Claude Abeille, Agueda Lozano.
2011 Garden side with Axel Cassel, Michel Thamin, laurent Belloni, Jean Suzanne … Gallery MICHELE GUERIN – Limetz- Villez.
2011 BODY AND SOULS. With Nicolas Alquin. Axel Cassel. Roger Decaux. Gabriela Morawetz … Koralewski Gallery, Paris

2010 Paul de Pignol / Xavier kreps. Paintings, Sculptures. Galerie MICHELE GUERIN, Limetz – Villez.
2010 “ART ON PAPER”, first biennial of drawings in Brussels at the WHITE HOTEL with the del leone gallery, ROME.
2010 RIDERS. Exhibition of drawings proposed by Ileana Rodriguez at the Polad-hardouin gallery with Pat Andréa, Lydie Arickx, Jean Rustin, Orlando Mostyn Owen …
2009 Poznan Triennale – Poland
2009 Biennial of sculptures of Yerres . Caillebote Foundation
2009 BODY AND SOULS. Galerie Koralewski , Paris. With : N. Alquin , Axel Cassel , Gabriella Morawetz , Fabian Cerredo , Roger Decaux, Richard Laillier, Maïlys Seydoux, Robert Sobocinski, Piotr Szurek.
2008 Preludium, the sculpture in the city with Koralewski Gallery. Poznan – Poland
2007 – 2008 Permanent hanging, Artcurial gallery, Paris.
2007 Accrochage, Galerie Koralewski, Paris. With Axel Cassel Roger Decaux, Stephane Dumas, Cerredo, Pasko, Piort Szurek, Sobocinski.
2007 Maison d’art contemporain : ouverture «the box in Paris » , Paris
2007 «Antica», Namur, Galerie Jocelyne Crouzet

2007 “triptych”, Hotel de Ville d’Angers”, Koralewski gallery, with Stephane Dumas and Roger Decaux
2006 51st Montrouge Salon
2006 Sculpture Triennale, Poznan, Poland
2005 Salon de Montrouge – Exhibition of the Cinquantenaire, invited by N. Alquin
2004 Foire d’Antibes, Michelle Champetier gallery.
2002 MYTH AND SYMBOL, XIII Sculpture Biennial, Poznan, Poland

2002 Art Paris, Galerie Koralewski with Stéphane Dumas and Piotr Surek
2001 Frisseras Museum, Athens.
2001 Le Corps mis à nu au Donjon de Vez (Oise).


From his “Venus Callipyges” to his “Gaias”, Paul de Pignol continues the exploration of bodies, moving from the myth of matrix femininity to the incarnation of the eternal woman in her secret beauty. His recent sculptures renew his vision of women (…) In his intuitive approach to reality from a matter that submits or rebels, between mortality and monstrosity, his “Venus” are closer to the underground impulse than to a Platonic beauty. The artist likes to tame the forces of nature.

“It’s about extracting. I release the formless from the inside, and add light, I accentuate the form (…) The touch of wax is added to another, and so on … the informed must prevail over the expected forms,” he explains . His Lucretia has growths. As for its Grand Gisant or Lacryma, they are of the vein with their epidermal effervescences. “I don’t feel like I’m making a sculpture, I put the wax drops one by one, like I would put the color on the canvas,” he continues.

Indeed, the drops of wax still pile up in strange figures of rhizomes. Body trees extended by arms mus in circular stalagmites to embrace a space suddenly made visible. As for the drawings, they are never studies for sculptures, but constitute research, scales that allow him to move forward.

Again with an intuition supported by an almost clinical observation of the trees in the forest of Fontainebleau, next to his workshop. He is fascinated by the roots he digs up and brings back to the studio where he commits himself to a daily graphic discipline. Roots shows a character whose arms become hoops that dialogue in space.

Lydia Harambourg – art historian